Tissue Allograft

Years of experience in the field of Regenerative Medicine have taught us one thing: Safety, Quality, Efficacy and Compliance aren’t only attributes to strive for during the production of human umbilical cord and placental derived products – they’re essential. Axon is proud to partner with a team that combines industry leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine who share a common goal – harnessing the true science of these powerful tissues, in order to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal.

Introducing The BioMatrix Line Of Products…​​BioMatrix-50, BioMatrix Pro, and BioAmnio are minimally manipulated human tissue allografts that possess a robust extracellular matrix, including Collagen and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid. They are therefore excellent choices when extra cushioning, structural support and viscosity are needed.​

In an ever evolving industry, our products have been developed using proprietary techniques, improving on previous, and sometimes outdated, industry tissue processing standards. Axon strives to achieve the Regenerative Medicine Industry’s ultimate goal: Providing products that are not only safe and efficacious, but also rigorously compliant.


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